Health Guarantee


                                   BLUE VIEW KENNEL HEALTH GUARANTEE

Our Guarantee is in effect only if you take your puppy to a Vet within 72 hrs of taking possession of your puppy. If the Vet finds a life threatening health problem, you can return to us with the puppy, and with your vets written diagnosis, we will exchange your puppy or refund your money the choice is yours.

From this point until your puppy is one year old, if your puppy is diagnosed with a life altering genetic disorder, you can return the pup to us along with your vet’s written diagnosis (after our vet has checked the pup and is in agreement) we will replace your puppy with one of equal value from the time of your original purchase.

                          All Travel Expenses are the Responsibility of the Buyer.

This Guarantee doesn’t cover loss of puppy due to HYPOGLYCEMIA, we control this while the puppy is under our care, however, you are the only one that can control this once you take the puppy home.